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Teeswater wool on the silver screen

Following on from Snow White & the Huntsman Our wool features in another feature film Maleficent a new take on Sleeping Beauty staring Angelina Jolie, Juno Temple and Elle Fanning.

Knitting Magazine feature A week in the life of Freda Pilkington (PDF)

One of our Teeswater hoggs takes top prize at the Great Yorkshire Show 2007.... Read More

Originating from the Teesdale area of County Durham the Teeswater sheep produces fine long stapled lustrous wool with a natural permanent curl. During the 1920s, Teeswater rams became a popular crossing ram, especially when mated with hill ewes to produce the half-bred lambs (Masham) as a replacements in lowland flocks. Thereby increasing in numbers and spreading widely throughout the UK. With the introduction of Continental breeds in the 1970s, however the popularity of Teeswaters declined and is now on the endangered list (cat.2) of the Rare Breeds Survival Trust.

One of our Teeswater hoggs takes top prize at the Great Yorkshire Show 2007

There are now only 450 registered females on the society list, so as well as being of a very special type of wool the supply is limited.

A fleece from the 1st clip can weigh up to 8kgs. (18lbs) with a staple length of 30cms. (12ins.). The wool is soft and supple to handle and retains its curl and lustre after washing and the luster remains after spinning giving the finished product a pearly sheen.

Natural wool

Available as raw or hand washed.

Teeswater fleece from the 1st clip